Yesterday, I received a very unexpected, but welcome, message from the owner of one of the puppies in Gaby’s ”B-litter”, Brave Malik vom Palmblick. As I have described before in this blog, I spent two weeks with that litter as Gaby – my friend and Delfi’s breeder – had suddenly and tragically passed away due to a stroke. Her husband Helmut told me: as Gaby was in the hospital, she said ”I want to go home to my puppies”.

Anyway, Malik’s owner Kathrin wrote me and asked me to send some photos of the litter, and of course, I had ”a few” 🙂 But I also received a few pics of Malik – and Kathrin told me a bit about him. So, I have to share a couple of those photos with you, but let’s start with a couple that I took of Delfi and ”green back” (Malik’s marking in the litter). Delfi just loooved all the puppies.



For more pics of the B-litter, see my former web site,

And now, the interesting part: what does Malik look like today? 😍




Thank you Kathrin, for our exchanges today. It was so nice to hear from you and Malik. And I really do wonder wether Delfi would recognize Malik if they would meet now 😌


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