SEVCh RLDN RLDF Active Delfi vom Palmblick

Född: 29.1.2013



B-prov: 1:a NKL (2015)

C-prov 84 p NKL (2015)

Viltspår: 3 x 1:a pris (varav ett med HP) i ökl = SE VCh (2016)

Rallylydnad, nybörjarklass: 94 p, 4:e plac.; 84 p, 5:e plac.; 96 p, 1:a plac. (2016); fortsättningsklass: 87 p, 5:e plac; 82 p, 3:e plac.; 98 p, 2:a plac., 91 p, 84 p (2017)

One comment

  1. Hi. I am sorry, I Do not even know your name but you are my last chance.
    I found on your website some photos from the Palmblick B-litter.
    This is amazing. Due to Gabrieles sudden death, I dont have any photos from my ”puppy” Brave Malik vom Palmblick.
    Helmut is not able to catch some from Gabrieles computer. So I would like to ask you for some original photos. I would really love to have some. Can you help me?
    Best regards


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